Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hot Football hunks on the ball

This years New Year's resolution comes all the way from Australia. "I promise to spend more time working out" will be as easy as Christmas pie to follow, every time you take a glimpse at these hot footballers pinned on the inside of your locker

Available in limitted copy, these collectible "glossy totties" will soon be sold out like hotcakes.
Grab your stash while stock last. (Last years US supply sold out in a month)
Gods of football is distributed by Yes we are inc.

Click to buy online at amazon

The Player/Models:

Gods of Football Calendar 2009 Deluxe International Edition:

Daniel Conn | Gold Coast Titans (JAN)
Justin Sherman | Brisbane (JAN)
Matt Balin | Manly Sea Eagles (FEB)
Matt Cooper | St. George Illawarra Dragons (FEB)
John Williams | North Queensland Cowboys (MAR)
Brett Kelly | Canberra Raiders (MAR + DEC)
David Williams | Manly Sea Eagles (APR)
Kayne Lawton | Gold Coast Titans (APR)
David Shillington | Sydney Roosters (MAY)
Michael Osborne | Hawthorn (MAY)
Brett Stewart | Manly Sea Eagles (JUN)
Tom Learoyd-Lahrs | Canberra Raiders (JUN)
Michael Sullivan | Canterbury Bulldogs (JUL)
Shannon Hegarty | South Sydney Rabbitohs (JUL)
Sandor Earl | Sydney Roosters (AUG)
Tom Hislop | Essendon (AUG)
Michael Witt | New Zealand Warriors (SEP)
Courtney Johns | Essendon (SEP)
Beau Ryan | Wests Tigers (OCT)
Luke Grant | South Sydney Rabbitohs (OCT)
Dene Halatau | Wests Tigers (NOV)
Nick Youngquest | Sydney Bulldogs (NOV + COVER)
Andrew Welsh | Essendon (DEC)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Erotic Toys galore! Love is blind at Kiki de Monteparnasse

Above: Restraining has never been more sleek! Unique jewelry and accessories, guarranteed to "capture" your imagination. These small pleasures of aquired taste can be ordered online at KikiDm's 'Play' catalog

Above: Silk satin blindfold with tassels and "love is blind" embroidery.
One more tastefully playful erotic recommendation from the "instruments of pleasure" collection, offered by the renown New York based KikiDM. Visit Kiki de Monteparnasee for more totally exclusive toys and goodies.

New Manjoolz photoshoot

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot male jewelry and underwear collaboration

Left: Esculpta's male classic Lion torc bracelet
Below: Male Underwear in Vizeau's Nu-riders collection

Above. Nu-riders bathing suit also featuring Le cock ring I

Male Fashion is evolving! This fresh creative collaboration of underwear/swimwear label Vizeau and jewelry label esculpta simply makes you want to "un-dress to impress". The exciting Nu-Riders range by Vizeau takes fashionable eroticism to a new level. Fine sleek lines reveal a romanticism and air of body-sculpture rather than the sterotype lines we've been used to seeing. A similar approach to male jewelry adopted by esculpta with their mens jewelry range called "Manjoolz", giving the two labels alot in common in terms of sensual design and makes this collaboration seem quite promissing indeed!

Best male Xmas gift idea for Mr. Right

Thinking of the perfect gift for Mr. Right can be hard work! Le Cock Ring II as a gift is just about as private as it gets, and in good taste (as long as its not aimed for an office associate!) Make substancial savings with the in Twin Set that's cut out for two men who have (almost) everything. In case you were worried about the chance of keeping it for yourself, this offer allows you to purchase 2 together at unbeatable value for this holiday season. Apart from making the ultimate private gift, the next best thing is convenience, as one size fits all!

Organic and minimal, less is more.

The uniquely styled, predominantly male swim/underwear brand Vizeau and male jewelry designer label esculpta have generated a strikingly romantic and fresh approach to male style.

Organically designed forms that intreague with distinct minimal curves and lines- are the central approach both to Vizeau's Nu-Riders range as well as to esculpta's forms collection. While a tingling surprise awaits those who discover what esculpta have done to take male jewelry a small step further.. (details coming shortly in another post soon).

Angel of freedom pendant by esculpta Photographed by Ethan James

In a world of clutter, it takes imagination to create the absolutely necessary features in items of desire and to provide an essence of "weightlessness" and such a distinct style.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Summer is in with Aussiebum

Yesterday marked the lengthening of the day in Europe. And when sunlight increases, nice things happen to all mermen and mermales.. even if it means getting last seasons swim-wear collections from Australia!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It takes balls to wear Le Cock Ring II

Le Cock Ring II

One great thing about nudist beaches is that without the necessity of swim-wear or clothes, there's very little to worry about regarding fashion - and dressing to impress.
Okay, so you arrive at your nudist beach in say Mykonos and within in a second you're off with your latest yummy pair of Aussiebum or Vizeau undies. It's wonderful to swim nude, but if you're a fixated fashion victim like me, and you've recently invested in the hottest couture swim-wear, don't you find yourself in a small identity crisis when they're off?
The answer is not necessarily, if you're well prepared!
You're now surrounded by hot studs, beefcakes, tottys, huge muscle-bulging gorillas, and naturist grannies and you begin to feel the glare of everyone on the beach. You think that everyone is observing your penis size, but then you realize that the whole nudist beach has simply been observing your silver cock ring lushly wrapped around your 'family jewels' from the night before.

Size doesn't matter!
Le 'Cock Ring II' is a cool innovation from the classic 'Le Cock Ring'
Every person has a slightly different anatomy, and we consider comfort very important. The advantage of this design is that it is smartly designed to be adjustable to a perfect fit without the hassle of measuring up or even knowing your size. This also gives the liberty of knowing that it will definitely fit your boyfriend if you order one as a gift.

Can you handle the attention? It takes balls to wear this piece! Discover Esculpta's Le cock ring II and other exclusive wearable erotic male art.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Knights templar cross (Byzantine and Greek Jewelry)

The emblems and symbolism of Knights Templar was much inspired by Byzantine civilization (east Roman empire) which gave birth to marvels in jewellery, architecture and iconography. Discover splendid ancient inspired jewelry at one great store that features original Greek Jewelry artisans with a great historical perspective. http://www.greekjewelryshop.com

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beautiful nude photography

2 talented photographers I came across today

Photographer: Michael J Berkowitz

Titled: Pony-tailed amazon Photgrapher:
Floris Andrea

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Silver Cock Rings

Cock rings have gone luxury and you know longer have to face the embarrassment of ordering one at your high-end jeweler. This finely made piece of men's jewelry is a luxury item that will be cherished by all cock ring enthusiasts. As far as penis rings go, I have to say this does look like the ultimate addition to a gay bear and leather jock fashion collection. This penis ring (technically a cock and balls ring) has been inspired by ancient Roman and Hellenistic jewelry. Were the ancients gay? And furthermore did they use cock rings.. is furthermore another question that needs answering. This ultimate luxurious hot item of homo-erotic bling now can be purchased at Esculpta

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The eloquent catholic look

I have always been very fond of Catholic Rosario necklaces worn on men. There is something very mediteranean about this look and it screams style and finesse, the European way!
Thin and eloquent, the beaded chain with cross was an apparatus of the Catholic religion (something like prayer beads)
Latin dreamboy Juan A. Díaz is a television star in his native Venezuela best known for his roles in “Pasión de Gavilanes” We like him and his necklace.. next

Its okay to wear your nuts out

Although I'm a fan of real jewelry (as in beautifully made special items of glitter and glam) in this case I have to admit that the odd plumbing fixture can be worn with style. Wear your nuts boys!

Wilhelmina's resident hunk and rising star Brian Levy has graced the cover of DNA magazine along with the recent Abercrombie & Fitch holiday campaign. -- Not bad for a newcomer to the fashion business!

Cross pendant

This cross photo I found in "BEST-OFF Gallery Guys No. 007 - topic - Underwear" is certainly nice, but why does jewelry look so much hotter when surrounded by muscles??

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The 'Prince'

Sandro & Maykson photographer and art director have busted a gut to get this guy into a pair of jeans. This photographic session has been named "The Prince". Can't say much more as the whole site is in Spanish. But a picture says 1000 words. See their blog Gorgeous & hot! Plus I like the jewelry worn in it's own right!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Gay Mykonos hotel

Does anyone else feel summer nostalgia??!!!!! Cocktails and drinkies, the smell of hot sun-burnt skin and coconut suntan lotion all around. Was just browsing some information on Mykonos and came across the all-time classic gay hotel Elysium. Now this beats most gay-friendly hotels I have certainly seen.

Can't wait until the summer comes....
In Mythology, the Elysium has always been thought of as the playground of the gods ..."we constantly strive to recreate the essence and flavor of that special era in history" ...
the proprietors, and all who have been to this cosmopolitan gay destination and hot-spot, know that this is an understatement!

Men's Bracelet

Architectural design and ergonomics in Nikias' silver mens jewelry range. This black neoprene rubber bracelet with fine silver craftsmanship comes from a fine collection of work from the artist which were un-circulated until recently. Delicate forms, organic design features and smootheness! Lovely and unique!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tom of Finland

This is an item that was made strictly in limited edition (200 pieces). The stunningly thick dog tag is casted with a chunky amount of sterling silver and is certainly the piece-de-resistance of any fashion-cosncious gay bear. A splendid interpretation inspired by the erotic art of the artist "Tom of Finland". As far as gay interest shopping for fashion goes, this piece has found itself worn on the chest of some of the hottest current gay icon celebrities. Hurry to esculpta if they're not already sold out!

(Leather Jocks not included, just the gay male bear).

Silver Cock ring

Cock rings have gone luxury? What a delight! This finely made piece of men's jewelry is a luxury item that will be cherished by all cockring enthusiasts. As far as penis rings go, I have to say this does look like the ultimate addition to you gay bear and leather jock fashion collection. This penis ring (technically a penis and scrotum ring) has been inspired by ancient Roman and Hellenistic jewelry. Were the ancients gay? And furthermore did they use cock rings is furthermore another question that needs answering. This ultimate luxurious hot item of homo-erotic bling now can be purchased at Esculpta