Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot male jewelry and underwear collaboration

Left: Esculpta's male classic Lion torc bracelet
Below: Male Underwear in Vizeau's Nu-riders collection

Above. Nu-riders bathing suit also featuring Le cock ring I

Male Fashion is evolving! This fresh creative collaboration of underwear/swimwear label Vizeau and jewelry label esculpta simply makes you want to "un-dress to impress". The exciting Nu-Riders range by Vizeau takes fashionable eroticism to a new level. Fine sleek lines reveal a romanticism and air of body-sculpture rather than the sterotype lines we've been used to seeing. A similar approach to male jewelry adopted by esculpta with their mens jewelry range called "Manjoolz", giving the two labels alot in common in terms of sensual design and makes this collaboration seem quite promissing indeed!

Best male Xmas gift idea for Mr. Right

Thinking of the perfect gift for Mr. Right can be hard work! Le Cock Ring II as a gift is just about as private as it gets, and in good taste (as long as its not aimed for an office associate!) Make substancial savings with the in Twin Set that's cut out for two men who have (almost) everything. In case you were worried about the chance of keeping it for yourself, this offer allows you to purchase 2 together at unbeatable value for this holiday season. Apart from making the ultimate private gift, the next best thing is convenience, as one size fits all!

Organic and minimal, less is more.

The uniquely styled, predominantly male swim/underwear brand Vizeau and male jewelry designer label esculpta have generated a strikingly romantic and fresh approach to male style.

Organically designed forms that intreague with distinct minimal curves and lines- are the central approach both to Vizeau's Nu-Riders range as well as to esculpta's forms collection. While a tingling surprise awaits those who discover what esculpta have done to take male jewelry a small step further.. (details coming shortly in another post soon).

Angel of freedom pendant by esculpta Photographed by Ethan James

In a world of clutter, it takes imagination to create the absolutely necessary features in items of desire and to provide an essence of "weightlessness" and such a distinct style.