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A trend that has born that has found so many passionate followers around the world owed to aesthetics and beauty cannot be described as tacky or necessarily dirty. When it comes to esculpta, makers of hand-made cock rings despite they have beautiful photos of models on their site wearing their jewelry, there is no sign of full frontal nudity.. least to say any images of men wearing the cock rings on their erections. The attitude that esculpta has set forth displays no models on all fours and you are lucky if you can even get a good glimpse of their products worn by the studs on their site.

Despite what most people think, cock rings are not only worn by gay men! Hundreds of Gay and straight men alike have discovered that a piece of jewellery worn around the penis is not a tacky sex-toy but can be a whole lot more.

When it comes to advertise such a piece however its not so clear why liberally-mined companies chose to shoot gay pornstars (or pornstars at all) they dont always flaunt their nudity and the models appear half dressed!

So it goes without saying that you dont have to have a very large cock like their most recent models eg Jeremy Bilding and Alexy Tyler to wear one as it is completely size adjustable.. In fact the trend of shooting porn-stars has picked up quite well with companies like Vizeau swimwear partnering with the project.

So the next question is What do Esculpta's models do as their day jobs? Lets take a look!

Jeremy Bilding for fashion

Alexy Tyler for fashion

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