Friday, October 30, 2009

Uber gay Christmas ornaments

How would you describe these??
I think uber-gay is an understatement for these W-E-I-R-D ornaments. The Mermaid nurse of the red cross??? Who on earth has such an imagination? Jonathan the merman in fact came as much less of a surprise for me. I wonder why.. Perhaps its that mermaid has a profession as well that is the greatest perversity of all, or is it her hand-bag and bracelets that make her a bit of a tart. Jonathan on the other hand looks as though he has turned up in full drag at the Rio-de-Janeiro carnival to be the queen of your Xmas tree.

mermaid,nurse, uber gay gifts
merman, mermale gift ornament tree ornament


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Smells like muscle

Wondering what to get your man this Christmas, or simply hoping to replace some of those finished perfume bottles you're still holding onto above your bathroom sink..?

Either way, smelling your best this season needn't be hard with another great outlet I've discovered called Fragrance X. A truly global site that will ship your favorite juice almost anywhere.FragranceX ships to over 230 countries. Estimate your international shipping costs with their calculator tool now!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Essential Jewelry for your body!

When Fine Jewelry meets Body Jewelry : Esculpta proudly presents her new creations: Le Cock Ring III ( Senator / Imperator ) & Aether Sculpture Pendant. Continuing her philosophy for fine piece of jewelry of high quality and inspiring design, these new products are tottally made of sterling silver , neoprene and precious stones (saphires, rubies) each reflecting the fine aesthetics and design of a new age of body jewelry created exclusively by esculpta Unique creations for demanding men who allow their passion to mark it's presence on their every moment.!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New mens sculpture pendant "Aether" by esculpta

Aether according to alchemists was the fifth and essential element of life force. The force that moves through us, present in all the other Elements and the essence of god.

In ancient Greece Aether was the protogenos (primal and elementary) god of air and light in mythology. He was the son of the gods Nyx - or Noc in latin (primordial goddess of night) and Erebus (god of shadow and darkness). With this mythological allegory, Aether, god of light was born from darkness. Further on, Aether (as a noun) was believed to be the 'fine upper air' breathed by the gods of Olympus.

more on this silver pendant for men from sterling silver

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Order your snap-kit in time for the holidays

Dug out my camera yesterday and realized the chip memory chip has gone bust and it is the perfect excuse to altogether replace that 3 mega-pixel piece of junk. I won't risk buying on ebay again (after a recent nightmare) and Amazon has a huge pick of discounted snappers!

Check them out!

I have my eye on the Olympus stylus 1010. Any ideas?

photo collection

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Le Cock Ring reaches buyers in 37 countries

Le cock ring started off as an idea not more than 2 and a half years ago as a unique idea in the up-till-then very conservative jewelry market. Today esculpta have sold this item to customers in 37 countries around the world! Le Cock Ring fans include both gay and straight people notably even women (!?) from all walks of life who have been infatuated by the bizarre eccentricity of this silver and rubber bulge-ring.

David Bowie the myth, in lego bricks. hmm

Bowie performing his 1983 single 'Lets Dance' is "immortalized" by Lego... (the only resemblance apparently being his eye coloring), according to New York Entertainment , this is news, in my opinion... not.

Call me romantic, but David Bowie for me is one of the few uber-hero icons that in my eyes have not been over-shadowed by todays opportunist spamming swindlers, he is a persona that has experimented in every possible way artistically without being concerned about maintaining any properisms or risking his career and has survived the test of time.
Well, the name alone -David Bowie - does make me tingle, because I was born in the late 70's and just having lived long enough to have a clear picture of the man with the voice of adolescence and maturity together, the charm, the bizarre, unique 'gentlemanhood' of David Bowie. Back when singers were idolized and it took just a bit more than today to differentiate the artists from the wannabes, the creators from the vitrines.
If I have at least these memories, and was born in 1978 I feel privileged to have at least experienced in the mid 90's some Malibu with coke along with imagery of David Bowie with Tina Turner imposed on a slide-show wall in a discoteque on an island in Greece. (And yes, it was quite normal to be served a drink at the age of 16-17 back then in Greece!)
These memories are genuine, and as bright as e as a glittering disco-ball can be.
For me his is far more than lego bricks, David Bowie is the man that has never aged and the gentleman who had the guts and balls to be himself (and the charm to pull it off!!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tom of Finland does Vegas... what next?

I understand that the Scandinavians are very proud of Tom of Finland (we like him too) but have they gone a bit too far? Tom of Finland inspired illustrations are made (on playing cards and poker chips???) by the first time professional artist Leif of Sweden. And after seeing this guys name I have a question.. for the Leif of me, why do Skandinavian artists use their geographical location in their name? Is it so fans can locate them better? Its like if you're famous you get known anyway. Have you ever heard of Kylie of Australia... or Britney of the Americas?
However this is a casino's effort to corner the gay gambling market... original idea but hmmmm

Bum-fluff vs furniture. The plot thickens..

B&B&3* is a unique collaboration between B&B Italia, Wallpaper*, Viktor & Rolf, Elmgreen & Dragset and Baron & Baron more...

Uruguay discovers sucking

Chupa Chups new press campaign under the concept “Impossible to get it out of your mouth”.
It was made by the Uruguayan ad agency Suarez&Clavera more..

Nose dive this

Karim RASHID designed an exclusive version for HUGO by Hugo Boss...

Cab-a-Dyke Pink Taxi sexism

The new fleet of 35 cabs in Mexico's colonial city of Puebla are driven exclusively by women and don't stop for men.

Each pink taxi comes with a beauty kit, a GPS system and an alarm button.

Can you imagine that!!!!! What atrocious sexism!

As a bloke we can only wonder if stap-on toys are included in the back seat accessories..

more or cab-a-dyke..

A personal review of Blogads, a sinking ship in an ocean of advertizing potential

Blogads - love it or hate it? I gave them the huge benefit of the doubt, but after 2 years of a very poorly delivered service, the one question that comes to mind is simple is blogads a scam or is it just spam?

If you pay for a service and the delivering party can't deliver, any respectable company is willing to offer a refund - no questions asked. But not blogads. Recently we posted an ad for a blog which was rejected by the blogger himself. I can respect this right as it is each publisher's own right to chose his/her blog content. But what do blogads do with your already paid money when this happens? Wait and see. They will keep your money if it doesn't reach their 'threshold' and imply that they want more before they release your money to you - paid to them for an undelivered service!!! And did I mention that they will also keep it for 15 days because they're concerned that their poorly-handled customer will make a charge-back!!!!! After this quite ordinary our surprise there was no way to get a refund for the services never offered due to their sinister 'charge-back' policy. The 55$ dollars we paid to blogads is lost in cyber-universe (or in other words the blogads paypal account) because it seems that we have to pay for another undelivered service to reach their 'Paypal withdrawal threshold' which is $75 dollars. Joke!! This sounds a little complicated, I agree and my point is that it shouldn't be. The truth is that blogads look a bit to eager to hang onto petty change and force you to use it on their services further down the line. This is their bizarre interpretation of creating customer loyalty!!

It is one thing to be mal-treated as a customer and to have to search through pages of forms and weird rules to simply get a quick refund and move on.. but on-top of this to be suspected of being a bad customer or charge-back crook crosses the line guys. I wont have it. It is I who should be protected from scammy businesses, as a well meaning customer, not vice-versa.

I guess you could say that when we first heard of Blogads it seemed like a great idea. The advantage to advertizers are that you select from a list of blogs and advertising is inserted through one portal to many portals at once. However the disappointment has been greater on several fronts. In over 2 years of using the blogads service on and off, there has not been one significant upgrade to the tatty back-end and the service simply refuses to update itself. The back-end does look like a college project and there is far from any friendly interface.
If the result was good, a rigid back-end wouldn't matter. But its not. Those butt-ugly low-res jpg's and gifs stand out from a mile away and I personally don't click on them as a viewer because they have the word CHEAP embossed all over them. Visual integration into any site is poor because the image quality of blogads simply sucks. The blogads team have obviously never tried to reduce a banner jpg to a miserable 14kb (or is it 16K) to see the awful outcome for themselves, and thats no charmer for advertisers.

I'm afraid to say that I won't squabble with these amateurs for a 55$. If it means so much to them, they can keep it. But ain't it sad that they won't be seeing any more money coming in from willing customers which they have done everything in their power to piss off?

After all, I can always continue to do what I have done before, contact bloggers directly (who incidentally are usually much happier to cut out the middleman) and arrange for a banner ad with respectable image quality at less cost.

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Le Cock Ring III" : when luxury meets body jewelry!..

Esculpta proudly presents a brand new, stylish, body jewelry: "Le Cock Ring III" , inspired from the ancient Roman empire in true Byzantine rhythm, now available in two luxurious types:
  • Imperator (meaning Emperor in Latin) is made of Solid 18K yellow gold and Sterling silver with real precious stones (sapphires and rubies)
  • Senator is hand-made from Sterling silver and rubber with real precious stones (a choice between sapphires and rubies)

A fine piece of jewelry re-inventing the meaning of luxury from the waist and below!


Le 'Cock Ring III ' (Imperator /Senator) is a cool innovation from the classic cockring
Every person has a slightly different anatomy, and we consider comfort very important. The advantage of this design is that it is smartly designed to be adjustable to a perfect fit without the hassle of measuring up or even knowing your size. This also gives the liberty of knowing that it will definitely fit your boyfriend ,making it the perfect gift for him!

Luxury & comfort at your services!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blog-post contest by esculpta jewelry

esculpta jewelry blog competition

How sleek are your writing skills? Esculpta is offering goodies to the most imaginative post / review written about its jewelry. Bloggers to post the best stories (favourited by our team) are to win a luxurious Le Cock ring II from sterling silver to wear under their jeans - an item that your member will remember!
Hurry! There are 2 winners on the 15th of this month!

The post can be about the entire range offered by Esculpta or about a specific product
Photo's can be grabbed from (but please don't hotlink)

2 sterling silver CRINGS (adjustable size) will be won by winners in 2 competition categories.

So what are you waiting for? Simply pull up your whitty post and submit the url to the esculpta bloggers competition page

Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet Michael Ching. Emotion in motion

michael ching photography

Michael Ching is a toronto based fashion/fine art photographer. michael has travelled around the world from panama to alaska, and japan to new zealand. while developing his skillset, he is still working on his first big break into the world of fashion magazines.

Michael seeks do decipher and portray true emotion in his work by a minimalistic approach and by removing all elements of complexity. There is always a sense of motion in his is work which comes alive to 'breath' while creating a sincere dialog with the viewer. Bravo Michael!

Check-out Michael Ching's portfolio

'Emotion in Motion'. Meet photographer Michael Ching

michael ching photography

Michael seeks do decipher and portray true emotion in his work by a minimalistic approach and by removing all elements of complexity. There is always a sense of motion in his is work which comes alive to 'breath' while creating a sincere dialog with the viewer. Bravo Michael!

Check-out Michael Ching's portfolio